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If you are struggling to make money online and still looking for a profitable way to start your internet shopping or affiliate marketing business online, this is first post you should study and run with.

This post opened my eyes to opportunities to sell and make money easily from affiliate marketing programs. 

You will find the exact question I asked and practical step I followed to kick-start my affiliate marketing business with Jumia Nigeria.

Here is the 50k income question I asked; What are Nigerians buying online?

When I registered with Jumia affiliate marketing program, I never knew the right product to write a review article about online because there were hundreds of products to choose from. In order not to wastes my energy wrongly, I thought of plugging my effort into  a system that is already working by doing a thorough online research on what is already selling on the internet, here in Nigeria and start with it.

As a confirmation and proof of my findings, here are top selling products you should start with and become a high earning affiliate marketer online.

Mobile Phone Brands- Tecno, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and HTC phones
Computing – Laptops, Desktop Computer and Accessories
Health and Beauty – Hair and Skin Care Products
Fashion – Men and Women dresses, Shoes, High heels, etc

I don’t speak with research rather I talk about result and what is already working and earning income for me.

Here is a snapshot of my affiliate sales and commission from Jumia affiliate marketing business with top selling product category as at when I wrote this report.

From this income report, you will see that I save sold exactly 51 mobile phones followed by 26 Camera and Electronics Products, 5 Health and Beauty plus Home and Office Products.

You can start with these products, promote them on your blog and start making sales on a daily basis.

This tip is not only limited to Jumia Nigeria, you can also implement it for Konga shopping portal and other reliable affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

In my next article, I will be talking about How to make people buy online and make money easily

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Top 4 Products to Sell online and Make Money in Nigeria

Once a month, I write a detailed report about my online earnings from Jumia affiliate marketing program. I always begin by describing the things I did within the previous month that might have an impact on my income. Then, I breakdown the sources of my affiliate marketing income to the cent and always finish with what product category brought in most sales.

Here is my affiliate income for May 2014 - 
Blog - ComputerAccountingBlog
Traffic - 110,206 page views

From the snapshot, you will see that I sold N324, 031.91 as at 31st of May 2014 and realized N49,564.46 as confirmed and paid commission.

Top product by sales
No doubt, mobile phone is the top selling product in Nigeria which accounted for 52% of sales and 88% of commission received in same period followed by Computing - Laptop accessories.

What I did to generate sales on my blog
I am a big time supporter of keywords and product review posts which is the core secret of my affiliate income and all my blog traffic for the period in review came from Google search engine and Nairaland which is a clear sign that people search before they buy and if they find your blog, sales is guaranteed.

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My Monthly Income Report - May 2014

Affiliate Marketing is where you get to sell other people’s products on the internet for a commission.  The people whom you get to promote their products or services are called the merchants or vendors, while you who wants to promote their product is called an affiliate.

From my extensive research on various internet business opportunities you can grab, affiliate marketing seems to be the most profitable business you can start with zero capital and make cool cash monthly.

In Nigeria, we have several online shopping merchants paying commissions between 2% - 9% on each sale you initiate online. All you need to do is register with them as an affiliate, promote their products on your blog and get paid for sales referral.

The sweetest part of this business is that they handle payment processing, shipping and delivery while you get paid for initiating the transaction.

Your commission keeps increasing even when you are sleeping or offline as long as you leverage on Google traffic system, which I teach my students in our live internet marketing webinars, to attract buying visitors.

A lot of people make a good living off affiliate marketing and in this blog, I will be teaching you the following:
1.   How I Choose the right and best affiliate product to promote and make money.
2.   Registering with an Affiliate Program provider
3.   How I made my first affiliate sales in less than 30 days or less
4.   How to receive your money here in Nigeria
5.   How I moved my blog to Google first page and double my affiliate income
6.   How I pick buyers’ keyword – this secret will surely multiply your business sales
7.   Top 3 Affiliate Income Bloggers in Nigeria you should follow now.
8.   Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is the best for Nigerian Bloggers

What is Affiliate Marketing Business?